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Life Sciences & Law Current Issues 2012/13

June 2012
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This year’s Life Sciences & Law Current Issues features legal issues companies may face as they move through the life cycle for a life sciences and biotech company in Canada. From early- to mid-stage and on toward maturity, we look at intellectual property trends including the implications of recent court decisions (example, Prometheus or Amazon.com) to data protection strategies and a recent mergers and acquisition overview. The issue highlights both Canadian matters and puts your activities in a global context by offering comparisons on legal trends across Canada, the U.S. and the EU as well as highlights from our Moscow office on IP trends in Russia and the CIS.

Download the issue - Life Sciences & Law Current Issues 2012/13

Download by chapter:

  1. Introduction: Company Life Cycle Progression Requires an Evolving Legal Services Partnership
    by Konrad A. Sechley, PhD and Rhowan Sivel

  1. The Impacts of the Amazon.com Decisions on Medical Use Claims in Canada
    by Scott E. Foster and Konrad A. Sechley, PhD
  2. Business Method Patent Protection for Life Science Products
    by Xiang Lu, PhD, John Norman, PhD, and Sumiko Mori
  3. The U.S. Shift to First-to-File: What it Means for Your Patent Strategy
    by Emma Macfarlane, PhD and Lisa Sim
  4. The Prometheus Decision: What is the Future for the Protection of Advances in Personalized Medicine?
    by Hélène D’Iorio
  5. Don’t Delay: Global Considerations for Patent Assignments
    by Gloria Hsi, PhD and Lisa Sim
  6. Opposing Patent Rights Before the Canadian, European, and U.S. Patent Offices
    by Sonia M. Ziesche and Sean Alexander
  7. Patent Practice in the Russian and Eurasian Patent Offices
    by David Aylen
  8. Research and Development: Continued Support in Canada
    by Carole Chouinard, Robert D. Ford and Eric Koh
  9. When Life Sciences Meet Technology by Benoit Yelle
  10. Repairing Medical Devices in Canada and Europe: Permissible Repair or Infringement?
    by Hélène D’Iorio and Tuba Yamac, PhD
  11. When Two is Better than One: Synergistic Combination Patents
    by Emmanuel Manolakis and Lee A. Johnson, PhD
  12. Leveraging and Licensing IP Assets to Grow Your Bottom Line
    by Grant W. Lynds
  13. Use of IP Audits to Optimize Patent Life Cycle Management
    by Dan Polonenko, PhD
  14. Brand Names: Unpredictability in Regulatory Approval Hinders Life Cycle Plans
    by Jane B. H. Steinberg
  15. Procedures Available for Amending the Claims of Issued Canadian Patents
    by Ian J. Colton and Connie Too
  16. Utility and Disclosure: Divergent Results in Canada and the United States
    by Patrick Stewart Smith
  17. Essentials of a Canadian Patent Strategy
    by Jay Zakaïb
  18. Data Protection: Early Days
    by Jane Clark and Adrienne Blanchard
  19. Data Protection: A Viable Alternative to Patent Protection?
    by Isabel J. Raasch and Jennifer L. Wilkie
  20. Patented Medicines (Notice of Compliance) Listing Update
    by Marc Richard
  21. Recent Pricing Issues in Canada
    by Adrienne Blanchard and Jane Clark
  22. Parlez-vous français? Language Requirements for Doing Business in Québec
    by Giovanna Spataro and Melissa Tehrani
  23. Canadian Life Science Deals and Investments: 2011 Year Review
    by Peter D. Fairey, Robert D. Ford and Michael Herman
  24. Balancing Interests in Drug Submissions to Health Canada: Confidentiality versus Disclosure
    by Christopher C. Van Barr and Tushar Tangri
  25. Profiting in the Provinces? Evolving Strategies of Generic Pharmaceutical Damages Claims
    by Christopher C. Van Barr and Kiernan A. Murphy

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