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With over $150 million in fraudulent funds recovered, members of Gowlings’ Civil Fraud Group are leaders in emerging litigation remedies and strategies for freezing and recovering stolen assets domestically and internationally.

We also specialize in pursuing remedies against professionals and other third parties who may be liable for facilitating a fraud loss. Customized presentations on the latest techniques for fraud recoveries and international resources for fraud investigations including court-appointed fraud inspectors or receivers are just some of the services we offer.

Our proven track record has been built by utilizing our diverse expertise and experience in asset tracing and recovery, theft of corporate opportunity and intellectual property, money laundering issues and fraudulent transactions, including cheque fraud and other bills of exchange, mortgages, consumer loans, commercial and corporate loans and transactions, e-commerce, ATM and credit card fraud, and accounts payable fraud.

Through our innovative strategies, Gowlings’ Civil Fraud team has amassed significant asset recoveries including:

  • $25 million recovered for four Canadian chartered banks in a dispute with customers who were Names at Lloyds’ of London concerning fraudulent calls
  • Stolen proceeds totalling US$16.5 million frozen in a Caribbean bank for Canadian investors five years after the fraud occurred
  • A large recovery made for a  Canadian chartered bank on an $11-million fraud loss at an American casino
  • The employment of computer forensic technology to make a full recovery on $10 million stolen from a large Canadian law firm’s trust account by a rogue employee
  • A large recovery made for 12 financial institutions on a multimillion-dollar credit card fraud ring
  • Numerous recoveries made on mortgage, consumer loan, ATM and credit card frauds, and stolen collateral for corporate and commercial loans and on accounts payable frauds

Our focus is on quick solutions, fee savings and timely reporting. Our pricing structure puts our “skin on the table” by offering innovative, value-based billing arrangements that include fixed fees, blended rates, reduced rates combined with success-based rewards, contingent fees or volume discounts.

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