Canada is one of the world's premier locations for business investment. Boasting an exceptional wealth of natural resources, a sound financial system and highly developed infrastructure, Canada ranks among the world’s most open and affluent economies. Our country’s culture of innovation is driven by a diverse and educated workforce, generous R&D incentives, and some of the G8’s lowest corporate tax rates. With easy access to major U.S. markets, Canada is a top destination for foreign companies seeking to establish a foothold in the North American marketplace.

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As one of Canada’s leading business law, advocacy and intellectual property law firms, Gowlings understands the challenges of establishing and conducting business in Canada, and we provide our clients with innovative business solutions to help them reach the full potential of the Canadian marketplace.

Our comprehensive guide, Doing Business in Canada, was developed to give business executives, foreign counsel and investors an overview of the legal aspects of Canadian business operations. Each section of Doing Business in Canada focuses on a critical area of Canadian law, from employment, taxation and competition law to foreign investment, intellectual property rights and international trade.

In addition, our Doing Business in Canada article series provides high-level guidance on the key points of difference between Canadian, U.S. and foreign law. Written by our experienced legal professionals, each article examines critical areas of business law and offers insightful tips to help you understand the issues. 

The information in these publications is for general information purposes only. It does not constitute a legal opinion or other professional advice. If you are doing business in Canada or planning to do so, it is recommended that you seek the advice of one of our experienced professionals.

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